Your total Cost 1. One page (Home Page) is $120, each additional page $50 2. Your Domain name is $20 per year (name must be available) 3. Hosting of your Website/Page is $50 per year. Includes maintenance and submission to Search Engines every month.
modern - attractive - affordable
Get a 24/7 Web Presence for not much money
Do you need a large and expensive Website? Not necessarily. Even a single Web page can make your phone ring, if a person is interested in what you have to offer. Just like an Ad in a newspaper, magazine, or a flyer, but 24/7 and worldwide. An attractive look is important, but so is to clearly promote the purpose of your website. What do you offer in goods or in services? How can you be contacted?
What we can do for you We will design and program a unique website for you, so it won’t look like everybody else’s site. Designing a website is very involved and requires exact programming knowledge. See the source code for just the page you’re looking at right now. For details of what you’ll get, click here.
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During the first 30 days after full payment is received, all textual editing is free of charge, after that it’s $20 per incident. Alternatively, I offer an editing & maintenance plan for $19 a month, which includes exchanging photos, editing text and more. Charge per year $228.
Starting at only $120
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