Why hire a Web Designer for your Website? Mostly because these "do it yourself" out-of-the-box web sites just don't look professional and many others will look exactly like yours. Also, because most real business people simply don't have time to learn webdesign programming, let alone become a graphics artist.
What are the costs to having a Website on the Internet? 1. The design of your website ($99 and up) 2. The Domain name (as little as $20 a year) 3. The hosting of your Website (as little as $50 per year) Having a website for your business isn’t expensive compare to a full page ad in a publication! And your website is adverising day and night… Can we customize your website? Yes! We can customize and make changes, from text to pictures, etc. We will do our very best to fulfill your wishes for a small fee. Are there other costs? Only if we have to design or create special items, like a Business Logo, record or edit Sound, Videos, Slideshows, etc.
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Who are we? We are a small, but creative web design studio. We can create websites in English or German. Keeping our overheads low allows us to sell our Websites at very low cost, which enables even the smallest business to have an attractive, professional web site.
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