We can design an attractive and affordable advertising Web Site, or a single web page, based on your preferences. Have already a logo? We’ll us that, or if you don’t have one, we’ll design one for you (extra fee).
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Why your Business needs a Website

Remember the ‘Yellow Pages’ before Al Gore invented the Internet? If you didn’t have an ad in the Yellow pages, you didn’t exist and you lost many potential customers to those who had one. Well, today that’s the same with Websites. Most people nowadays go on the Internet to find a business or a service and if you don’t have one, well...read the above again! 
No, not at all. A single Web Page can be enough to bring you new customers, just like a full-page ad in a magazine, or a flyer. At a minimum, you’ll have to let people know what it is you offer. They also need to know how to contact you. Then some nice pictures and voila, you’re advertising your stuff not just worldwide, but also locally. All for a fraction a full page ad would have cost you in the Yellow Pages or a magazine. 
1. The design of your Home Page is $99.99, each additional page $49.99, all work included. 2. Your Domain name is only $16 per year (payable in advance) 3. Hosting of your website on the Internet is $14.95 a month (payable annually in advance). During the first 30 days, all text and photo editing is free of charge, after that it’s $50 per incident. Alternative Plan Chose our ongoing maintenance service, which includes all programming, editing, SEO, etc. for $29.95 per month (paid annually in advance). We’ll take care of everything!
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