Your Cost  1. One page (Home Page) is $120, each additional page $50, all work included. 2. Your Domain name is $20 per year  (the name must still be available) 3. Hosting of your Website/Page is $72 for a whole year  All payments must be made via PayPal  (see button below)
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Today, even the smallest business needs a website to advertise its merchandise or services online 24/7/365
Do you need a large and expensive Website? No! Just like an Ad in a newspaper, magazine, or flyer, a single Web page can make your phone ring, if a person is interested in what you have to offer. You take it from there. Single Webpage = Magazine Cover Multi-page Website = Magazine including Cover
What we can do for you We will hand-design your web site or page, following your wishes as far as possible, so it won’t look like everybody else’s. For details of what’s involved in this process, click here. We’ll even implement your logo, if you have one, or we can design one for you (starting at $25).
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During the first 30 days, after full payment is received, all content editing is free of charge, after that it’s $20 per incident. Alternatively, I offer a $29 per month editing & maintenance plan, which includes exchanging photos, text and other content, re-submitting your web site or page to major search engines.
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